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Hi! I'm Erin Marie, An Expert in Decluttering, Organizing, and Interior Design Consulting

I am passionate about creating organized spaces that bring peace and functionality to my clients' lives here in Louisville, KY. As a home organizer, I help people declutter their homes, simplify their lives, and discover their joy. I understand how overwhelming it can be to tackle clutter and disorganization, which is why I approach each project with compassion and empathy, taking the time to understand my clients' needs and goals. Whether you're looking to transform your pantry, streamline your wardrobe, or overhaul your entire home, I'm here to guide you through the process, step by step. From designing customized storage solutions to helping you let go of items that no longer serve you, I'm committed to creating a space that not only looks beautiful but feels amazing to live in. Let's work together to transform your home and your life.

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