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My Story

How did I figure out organizing was my passion? 

"MOVE THAT BUS!" ...Ring any bells? I can still hear the excited voices shouting through the T.V. as I was dying in anticipation to see what the house FINALLY looked like after 45 minutes (including commercials) of watching a team of volunteers work together to complete an Extreme Makeover on a house! Ah, such an exciting show to watch as a kid in elementary school! After this show, many years later when I was in high school and my parents made the decision to get cable T.V., I started my love affair with HGTV. I loved this channel! I could not get enough! Color Splash, Divine Design, Income Property, Love It or List It, Property Brothers, Sarah's House, Curb Appeal, Backyard Takeover, House Hunters, etc! I mean I was hooked! Of course watching all of these shows led me to day-dreaming of owning my house that looked like one of the ones on HGTV. Honestly, this was one of my motivating factors to do well in school and get a good job, so I could own the home of my dreams. I also thought a little bit about becoming an interior designer myself, but during those youthful years I doubted my abilities and it felt so far fetched, I did not really think it would be something I could do myself. After all, these people were so amazing at what they did! 


Of course watching all of these shows happened over many years and only when I had down time in between all of my sports practices, social delights, family dinners, and schoolwork. Now even though I loved these shows, and once in a blue moon dreamed of being an interior designer, at the time I was still more immersed in playing volleyball. Volleyball was my passion! But, life did that thing it always does, and presented me with a challenge. In the summer before my sophomore year of high school I got cut from the school volleyball team, which was very devastating and heartbreaking. Nevertheless, even though I was hurting, I did not let this challenge stop me from doing what I loved. I decided to switch schools and play for another school team instead! Their level of play was a lot lower than the standard I was used to playing at, but I really just wanted to play. And boy was I glad that I did! I loved my high school experience so much that from thereon that I even decided that I too wanted to be a high school teacher! I had my mind set on playing volleyball at the collegiate level and majoring in education to become a high school teacher. Unfortunately, the idea about being an interior designer got lost somewhere in my mind. Therefore, I attended Transylvania University, where I played volleyball as Libero (defensive specialist) all four years and majored in mathematics and minored in education. Upon graduating, I became a high school mathematics teacher that same year and that is what I have been doing ever since! So, how did I end up here starting my own organizing and design business?  

During my fourth year of teaching high school mathematics in 2019, and in the middle of getting my second master's degree online (of course neither one of these was in interior design either, lol), I "stumbled" upon the Marie Kondo Show on Netflix. I say "stumbled" because it was blasted there on my screen promoting itself. It automatically started playing the trailer and instantly I was hooked. I absolutely adored Marie Kondo and her kind, soft, and cheerful demeanor! I loved watching the amazing transformations that took place. You could tell the people were touched and changed forever. I too desired those results and wanted to live that way. I quickly began Marie Kondo-ing my things! ...and my parents' pantry :D The main things that stuck with me at that time were how to fold clothes, storing items in boxes in the drawers, and only buying things that sparked joy.  Honestly, at this time I still didn't know home organizing was a thing or something anyone with this passion and talent could do. I really thought Marie was the only one doing this work and that it was just her unique path. 

Therefore, I kept on with my teaching career even though it was becoming quite the drag. (Teaching is hard work!!) While teaching I met the love of my life and we decided we wanted to be together forever <3 In March of 2020, the pandemic hit and everything began shutting down. My partner and I began working from home and it could not have been more timely. I needed a break from teaching! I was exhausted and burned out. I was on the verge of quitting. This gave me the space to physically step out of a negative environment and give myself a much needed energy reboot. Following the school year, during summer break in July 2020 my partner and I bought a house! FINALLY! The moment I had been waiting for since elementary school! A house of my own!! (Well, I mean, ya know, it's my partner's too, but he doesn't mind that I tend to take over that domain) Talk about pent up energy! I was (still am) bursting with energy for home projects. I love love love home projects! They are so much fun! My Pinterest board and head were exploding with ideas of home projects! I could not wait to make our house comfy, cozy, and unique! 

As my partner and I got fast to work at turning the house into our home, the pandemic and working from home continued. Although work was a lot less stressful, I still knew it wasn't what I wanted to do forever. I decided that I would get my yoga instructor license while I had the chance and thought that this might be something I would rather teach than high school math. Unfortunately, I quickly figured out that this path wasn't going to be as easy as I dreamed it to be, it didn't exactly match the lifestyle I was accustomed to, and honestly it was scary and awkward. However, before I even got the chance to really dive in deep, I got pregnant! 

Talk about a 180. My focus and direction completely changed and being a yoga instructor quickly fell off to the wayside. I needed a steady stable job with reliable income, amazing benefits, and an extremely desirable schedule. Hence, the reasons I have stayed in teaching. I ventured through my pregnancy and the first year of breast feeding with my baby. It was a very lovely journey, but details for another time and place. On March 2nd, 2023, about three weeks after I stopped breastfeeding I got an email from my boss asking me to come meet with her. I didn't think much about it, I was happy to go, until I got the biggest shock of my life, my principal told me I was not welcome back to teach there next year! I was in shock! (yes, I was even more shocked than when I found out I was pregnant) But also, very oddly, even though I was crying, I was so relieved! My prayers had finally been answered! I was no longer trapped!

I tend to have a very logical and loyal personality. I went to college to be a teacher, I had put insurmountable amounts of time, money, and energy into this path. I couldn't just leave because it was hard. That wasn't a good enough reason, after all every job has its challenges. Regardless, this was my way out! My guilt free way out! Awh, thank you! I was so relieved! I began job hunting right away. Of course, I needed to secure a teaching job for next school year, so I could relax and know that the bills would be taken care of, but I certainly was not going to be taking a job in a negative environment. I also began identifying what is it that I LOVE to do. How could I get one of those jobs where I get to say "I never work a day in my life because I love what I do." Was it time to open my own yoga studio.... nope! I mean, I love yoga and I actually enjoy teaching yoga, but I am not passionate about it, it isn't my second nature. I LOVE volleyball, volleyball is my passion, but I do not like coaching volleyball (Been there, done that). My partner was like, um babe, hello.. organizing!! He continued on stating how he sees that this is just the way my brain works, how it's second nature to me, how I just have an innate desire for everything to be organized, and that our home is a great example of my organizational skills. It was like a bomb of connections went off in my brain! Marie Kondo + Pinterest Board + My uncle paying me several times to come help him move and organize his stuff + the only show I watched when I was pregnant was the Home Edit + My friend stating "I need you to come organize my house" + my deep desire to organize 


I can't help it. 

It's just the way my brain works! 


I now know what I am meant to do. I am meant to organize :) <3 So here I am starting my own organizing business! I tell myself that if my dad can start his own business, then I can start my own too!  I started looking around and trying to figure out how I can achieve this. I am beginning with getting my KonMari Certification. I have taken the necessary course work and I am currently a Konmari Consultant in training. I have also been training under another lovely Organizer, Pinky Jackson, here in Louisville!  

How does having an organized home benefit me and my family? 

  • Peace 

    • The house is calm and relaxing ​

  • Pride 

    • We are proud of our home ​

    • We are happy to share our home with our guests 

  • Respect 

    • We treat our items kindly ​

    • We put them back in their place when we are finished 

    • We understand their value and importance 

  • Identify Our Values

    • We know what is important to us 

      • Example: We value healthy habits. A bike or a trampoline, supports this value. Items with a screen do not support this value

    • Surrounded only by things we love

    • Also, surrounded by things that support the things that we love ​
      • Example: A Vacuum. I do not love my vacuum, but I do love what my vacuum does for my home and supports me in having clean floors. Therefore, the vacuum stays 

    • Decluttered 

      • We do not keep items that do not align or support our values​

    • Guilt Free Discarding 

      • We respectfully thank the item for teaching us whatever it taught us and let go with gratitude ​

      • We believe it will find another good home 

  • Saves Us Time & Energy 

    • Everything has a space and a place 

    • We know where things are and where to look ​​

      • Therefore, the children know how to help clean up​

  • Saves Us Money

    • Don't over buy ​

    • We know what we already have 

    • Double think about what we buy 

      • Does it support our values?

      • Is there space for it? 

  • Cleaner Home 

    • Since our home is tidier because it is organized ​this makes it a lot easier to clean!

      • Example: The counters are cleared so we can more easily and regularly wipe them down 


My Mission

As owner of Erin Marie Organizing and Design LLC I help individuals and families in Louisville, Kentucky transform their living spaces into comfortable, functional, and joyful environments by providing personalized and practical organizing solutions. 


I am committed to simplifying clients' lives by helping them declutter, organize, and optimize their homes, while respecting their unique needs, preferences, and lifestyles without judgement.


My goal is to make a positive impact on my clients' well-being, productivity, and happiness by creating spaces that are both cute and functional in hopes of transmitting good energy and vibes into all aspects of their lives. 

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